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The Smart Locomotive

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How the "Smart locomotive" works Watch
The Smart Locomotive is based on the proprietary platform Clover that is designed to process and analyze large volumes of industrial data. Based on this platform, a solution titled Ctrl@Maintenance was created—an intelligent system for risk-oriented asset management and maintenance and repair planning. The system comprises a repository of rules and mathematical models (MathExperience).

The system already analyzes:

  • 59 workshops
  • over 8,000 locomotive sections
  • 1.5 TB of data every month
How does it work?
What for and how are data processed?


  • 3x lower breakdown maintenance costs
  • 12% less locomotive downtime
  • locomotive diagnostics take 20 minutes rather than 4 hours

Technology stack

Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, neural networks, Internet of Things, big data analysis.

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