Ctrl2GO is an international digital company that develops and implements integrated IIoT solutions and technologies in Industry 4.0.

20-40% Savings by reducing labor intensity of processes
more than30% Reduction in capital costs
1.5 times Cheaper than foreign analogues
Going2 hight
We provide our customers with the all-encompassing digital environment on the bedrock of the proprietary technology platform. We have already digitized:
28 factories
90 depots
250 warehouses
13 production areas
300 diagnostics stations
1500 locomotives

We developed technology-intensive solutions powered by artificial intelligence, IIoT, smart analytics, and forecast analysis. These technologies allow the following:

  • financial and economical modeling
  • transforming industrial enterprises
  • implementing innovative control and diagnostics systems

Our technologies help business

upgrade continuously
adapt to new market conditions quickly
manage production processes efficiently
create value chains for customers

Ctrl2GO Solutions

Our partners evolve, and so do we.

Big data management and predictive and prescriptive modeling are key competences of our company's specialists.

Vertical industry-based solutions Ctrl2GO develops in the fields of machine vision, big thread data storage and processing, and industrial smart contracts, are integrated successfully and skyrocket workflow efficiency in machine engineering, transport, agriculture, mining, and power industries.

+4% operating readiness
>30% lower capital expenses
+30% Labor efficiency
Our mission
Our values
Our vision

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