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SmartMaintenance - Monitoring, diagnostics and predictive analysis of process equipment failure

The Digital Machine was developed within the framework of the IIoT and predictive analytics.

This hardware and software solution allows the following:

  • managing the enterprise's production facilities
  • extending service life of production assets 
  • reducing maintenance costs.

System capabilities:

  • Collecting data and identifying equipment downtime causes
  • Notifying staff of faults and outages
  • Automating generation of analytical reports regarding the use of fixed production assets
  • Identifying and removing bottlenecks 

Benefits for the enterprise:

  • 3-5% performance gain
  • 30-50% less equipment downtime

Apart from the above features, the system can calculate production capability reserves. This can help the enterprise to redistribute traffic flows, reduce production areas, or outsource manufacture.

Solution developer:2050.digital

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