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Beekeeper's Digital Assistant

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In 2019, massive bee kill was detected in Russian regions, which was caused by uncontrolled use of uncertified pesticides and herbicides on farmlands. According to the specialists, massive bee kill resulted in over 1 trillion rubles of damage done to the Russian economy. To remedy the situation, we developed and implement a mobile application that sends notifications to beekeepers and agricultural producers. The project is realized within the framework of the National Platform Digital Agriculture.

Service features:

  • Online advisory
  • Built-in messenger for beekeepers
  • Veterinary book
  • Weather notifications
  • Honey plant blossom alerts


For farmers

  • In-field pollination, productivity enhancement
  • Subsidy assistance from the state
  • Hazardous treatment schedule monitoring

For beekeepers

  • Bee mortality prevention
  • Apiary monitoring (registry)
  • Availability of mandatory business management services
  • Forecasting instruments helping increase honey production

For the government

  • Order execution under Digital Agriculture
  • Creation of digital twins of farmlands and apiaries
  • Online control and information updates

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