14 may 2020

Ctrl2GO Creates Machine Vision Expertise Center for Machine Engineering

Ctrl2GO Creates Machine Vision Expertise Center for Machine Engineering

The system processes data from many sensors and decides a locomotive's actions faster than the reaction time of even the most concentrated and vigorous driver. It particularly provides reliable control of a driver's state and actions, energy-efficient management of the locomotive itself, and detection of obstacles to prevent collisions.

Remote control can be carried out using a portable or stationary remote control device. Additional developed functionality allows for the issuance of certain tasks that a locomotive can perform independently in automatic mode.

Machine vision is the most in-demand technology in the modern world. It allows you to increase vehicle driving performance due to advanced infrastructure diagnostics.

"Machine vision is used in almost all spheres of human activity, including transport management. The system developed in our Expertise Center complies with all railway safety requirements. It permits the optimization of production and organizational resources, and quickly pays off. At the same time, the system is easily configured, and can be used on any locomotive," said LocoTech-Signal CEO Andrey Romanchikov.

The system can be used during shunting, on trunk lines, as well as industrial sites.

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